Does My Employer Owe Me Wages Or Overtime?

If you are a California employee who suspects you have been deprived of wages or overtime pay, denied meal or rest breaks or misclassified as a manager or independent contractor — I am an experienced employment law attorney and can help you recover what you are owed.

My name is Steven M. Sokoloff. For more than 20 years, my Law Offices of Steven M. Sokoloff has specialized in offering skilled representation to workers whose employers have betrayed their trust in compensation matters. As your lawyer, I work hard to recover:

  • Attorney fees
  • Civil penalties
  • Back wages and overtime
  • Reinstatement

The Help You Need For Unpaid Overtime, Minimum Wage And Misclassification Disputes

Did your employer defraud you?? Were you promised a job that did not exist? Did you relocate to take a job based on a lie?? Did your employer defame, slander or libel your good name? Did your past employer prevent you from getting another job? Were you wrongfully terminated for complaining about wage or overtime violation, or other illegal conduct?

If you need to speak to a California employment attorney with decades of experience and expertise in employment law, and wage and hour issues, contact me today to arrange a free confidential consultation. Just call 800-554-2746. Or send an email.

Thanks to my law firm's contingency fee policy, you owe no attorney fee whatsoever unless I recover money damages on your case.